Bad Boys for Life: 2020 Movie Box Office Collection, Budget, Review


Box Office Collection

Box office$148 million
Budget9 crores USD

Audience reviews

Unless you are new to the series, BAD BOYS needs no introduction, the duo Mike played by Will Smith and Marcus Burnett by Martin Lawrence has been quite active and had brought overflowing manifolds topologies in terms of Action & Comedy since their formation in 1995. Fast forward to 2020, after a huge hiatus, they again bashed the big screen at the end of last month with absolutely smashing comeback ‘BAD BOYS FOR LIFE’. My hubby and I are an avid fan of Will Smith and its been a year, we didn’t watch any of his movies so it was a must watch for us..

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Last month we watched this movie on the second day-second show of release at Forum Shanti Niketan with 4DX effects. And yes the revamp third installment of an old series,From the very beginning of this movie, you are guaranteed to hooked in and its gonna beguiled both, your eyes and ears too.

This engrossing movie kicks-off with highly hilarious moment set off in a car at the aisle of Miami Beach where Mike nailed the steering wheel with his driving force towards the hospital and I think without a speedometer(hehee!) and Marcus being besides the driver’s seat, he is hilariously yelling and scared like he’s gonna die by Mike’s daredevil driving… This is merely at the beginning scene, just imagine, what this powerhouse characters propound throughout its run? for that you definitely need to watch this action, comedy and mystery packed movie.

After an immense successful first two season, both the leads are reprising their iconic role as Detectives in this movie too and we are delighted that the exciting chemistry between them is dynamically queer and uniquely comic as ever. Mike portrayed an eminent man of great intelligence with playful charms and macho charisma while Marcus apart from detective, is a very humble family man with surprising aplomb, who comforts and support Mike personally and professionally as he is like a family to him. Though it gives an impression of On and Off kinda nervous state at one point between the two; many thoughts come to our mind like, Will Marcus leave Mike? Does Mike need to handle the crisis alone? but the movie got the elements of hope and you’ll find yourself oddly rooting for this detective couple and yes! Marcus ends-up by rallying with Mike in his downcast phase of life and at the same time, the duo’s effect is as stupendous as the title and stay true to the movie name.

Apart from the main two leads, few of the supporting characters from the first two series make an appearance too and one of them is Theresa Randle as Theresa Burnett( Marcus’s wife) brings a light entertainment with a lot more laughter in betwixt plus lots of talented actors like Vanessa Hudgens features as Kell, Alexander Ludwig as Dorn, Paola Nunez as Rita and Charles Melton as Rafe, are the part of a special force and this group also diligently indulge in investigating Detective Mike’s case along with Mike and Marcus to find the missing pieces of the puzzle that make storyline little interesting but its a real treat to see them.

The style and nerve with which the Mexican Actress Kate del Castillo portrayed the role of dark, mysterious and Two-faced woman as Isabel is very catchy and garnered attention with her acting skills, skilfully plan to take a revenge, also Jacob Scipio, a well-rounded actor as Armando justified the role of Isabel’s son with high spirits in terms of action, giving you one more reason to watch this movie.

Though the plot is quite common and filled with lots of twists and unexpected additions to the story, it overwhelmingly fun plus fill the bill movie and you won’t be disappointed to watch it one time.

If you love the character bonds these two show in the series then this will surpass your expectations. This movie takes a more serious BB1 approach than its 2003 Action/Comedy sequel (to which I too also love and adore!).

However I have to say that the story plot, the execution and the return of some other original Bad Boys characters could not have made a bigger fan more proud and feel a roller-coaster of emotions as I watched my childhood idols make a return to a well scripted and polished reboot!

If you know the old movies inside out you will spot the little Easter eggs they pay homage to, some were obvious and other’s were very subtle.

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