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Google Ads conversion tracking

These campaigns only run with a skippable ad format. Before starting your campaign, make sure to set up your TrueView for action campaign in the same account as your Search and Display campaigns.In addition, TrueView for action campaigns requires Google Ads conversion tracking in order to measure all relevant conversions coming from your campaigns. Even if you’re using Google Analytics for your Search campaigns, make sure to use Google Ads conversion for your TrueView for action campaigns,since Google Analytics might not measure all of your YouTube conversions.Let’s get started.In the Campaigns tab,click the plus button and start a new campaign. Note that you won’t be able to find a campaign type called ‘TrueView for action’.Instead, select either ‘Sales’, ‘Leads’ or ‘Website traffic’ goal.Choose ‘Video’ as your campaign type.

And click ‘Continue’.Enter a name for your campaign. Now set your bidding strategy.TrueView for action campaigns work only with target CPA or maximize conversions. Choose target CPAif you already know your target CPA for video. If you’re running TrueView for action for the first time, choose to maximize conversions. If starting with a target CPA, it’s important to define the right target CPA for your campaign. If you’re running an existing video campaign that uses conversion tracking, you can start with the reported target CPA for that campaign.If you only run Display or Search campaigns,set a conservative target CPAthat is two to three times your generic Search CPA.Now set your daily budget.If you’re using maximise conversions as your bidding strategy,it’s recommended thatyour daily budget is ten times your reported CPA.

Google ads Smart Bidding

If you’re using target CPA, it’s recommended that your daily budget is 20 times your target CPA. These budget settings allow enough conversions for Smart Bidding to adjust and learn. You can set the start and end dates of your campaign if needed. Many advertisers use this type of campaign as an ‘always-on’ campaign, in which case there’s no need to define dates. Keep scrolling down. Don’t forget to set your targeted languages and location. Now, enter a name for your ad group.

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