Release date:
 12 July 2019 (India)
Director: Vikas Bahl
Box office: ₹208.93 crore
Budget: 115 crores INR (2018)

Super 30:2019 ‧ Drama ‧ 2h 35m
Rotten Tomatoes:33%
Google users: 96% liked this film

Audience rating summary

4.8    967 ratings

Audience reviews

Vijaya Sriram

Frank confession – wasn’t too keen on seeing the movie as I knew the outlines of the story having read about the protagonist many years ago. My thinking was ‘what could the movie possibly accomplish with a known story’ and the second misconception was a sceptical ‘ Hrithik Roshan as a poor but mathematically gifted Bihari’?
Since the family was keen on seeing the movie, I tagged along albeit reluctantly.
How wrong I was on both counts !


What a terrific performance from Hrithik Roshan. By far his best till date. But in this heart wrenching and moving tale of human triumph against all odds, the performances of the supporting cast is also exceptional. Be it the actors who played Hritiks’ father, mother and brother or the students, all of them have infused life into their roles. In fact you get involved in this engaging rendition of the challenges faced by the downtrodden and underprivileged. It also acts as a severe indictment of the flaws that plague our education system and lack of support for some of the most deserving and brilliant minds.
As a movie, every scene is superbly crafted. The background score, particularly the ‘niyam ho’ theme song is absolutely heart tugging. Tears would well your eyes as you feel for the characters. At the end when the titles are rolling down, you are bound to give it a standing ovation!!

Awesome, mind-blowing and mesmerizing!!!

Sujatha Durgekar

Super 30 is a thought provoking movie which is relevant to our Indian society. Mr. Anand of Patna is an expert in mathematics who prepares the underprivileged section of the society for IIT entrance examination which earlier was the sole asset of the privileged section of the society. He has brought a drastic change in the Indian society in this era of commercialisation of education. He couldn’t afford to join Cambridge University though he had an opportunity to do so and his father had taken loan on PF. Despite all hardships, obstacles and life threats Mr. Anand has started free coaching classes with free food and accommodation for underprivileged students and proved that anybody can succeed when preparation meets opportunity and it is not only luck. The role of Mr Anand is played by Hrithik Roshan. Overall it is a superb and worth watch movie. The movie conveys a message that Raja ka beta Raja nahi Banega jo haqdaar hai woh rajah Banega.
We should encourage people like Mr. Anand for such a great contribution to the society and we need such people to bring necessary changes in the society. A must watch movie for all.

Aishwarya Ravi

Super 30 is really amazing, it does tremendous justice to the story, there is no unnecessary romance or deviation from the story. Hrithik Roshan has done a lot of justice to the character, he has completely transformed into Mr.Anand Kumar. Though Hrithik is not his attractive self, he is charming in a different way. He literally brought tears in my eyes in one of his scenes and it is just not because I’m a huge fan but also for the performance, that was extremely overwhelming. It’s definitely worth watching and the movie brings the value of great teachers back in our lives, filling us with memories of our own teacher-student experiences… The only sad part was that Hrithik didn’t dance, so hope to see him back on screen soon dancing and charming everyone around…. #LoveHrithikRoshanAlwaysAndAllMyLife

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